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Gerald and his young son Gregory drove across the Oklahoma border into a nightmare. A career soldier and a highly decorated veteran of Desert Storm and Operation United Shield in Somalia, SFC Gerald, a black man of Panamanian descent, found that he could not travel more than 30 minutes through the state without being stopped twice: first by the Roland City Police Department, and then by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

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I'm not trying to bother anybody. Brown had reported the car stolen many months earlier after it had been hot-wired in front of his home in Albany. Hispanic and African American inmates are more likely than non-Hispanic whites to be incarcerated for a drug offense. The deputy then asked to search her car. Rodwell repeatedly refused to consent to a search of his vehicle when he was stopped for three hours on I in Before the crowd that had gathered to watch, he was forced to lay face-down in the street as officers trained their guns at him.

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He found nothing. Nationwide, arrests for drug possession reported by state and local police nearly doubled fromin toin Finally, the newspaper said, the patrolman left, leaving Stovall to wonder.

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Source: The Detroit News In New Jersey infour young men — three African Americans and one Hispanic — en route to a basketball clinic in North Carolina were shot on the New Jersey Turnpike after their van was stopped for speeding and suspected drug trafficking. No person of color is safe from this treatment anywhere, regardless of their obedience to the law, their age, the type of car they drive, yougner their station in life.

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Robinette, the Court rejected the argument that officers seeking consent to search a car must tell the driver he is free to refuse permission and leave. SFC Gerald was only an infant in when a stunned nation watched on television as Birmingham Police Commissioner "Bull" Connor used powerful fire hoses and vicious police blacl dogs against nonviolent black civil rights protesters.

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In its friend-of-the-court brief, the ACLU argued that pretextual searches violate the core principles of the Fourth Amendment, and warned that to sanction such searches was to "invite discriminatory enforcement. Comparable figures for arrests for drug sale qoman manufacture rose fromin toin When a black officer recognized Wheat, tensions eased and the officers let him go.

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The goal of these inner-city efforts was to make as many arrests as possible, and Sfxy that respect, they succeeded. The officers detained him and his two passengers for two hours as they searched for illegal drugs, weapons, or other contraband. A laboratory technician at North Bronx Hospital in New York, Gardner was driving with his cousin to visit family in South Carolina when he was pulled over for speeding.

It's against the law, and it will not be tolerated.

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Still others argue without apology that making disproportionate s of traffic stops of African Americans and other minorities is not discrimination, but rational law enforcement. We're proud of the record we have. The ACLU believes that addressing the problem will require a multi-faceted effort. According to the government's own reports, 80 percent of the country's cocaine users are white, and the "typical cocaine user is a middle-class, younged suburbanite.

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He removed door panels, molding and seats. The police justified this detention because the men allegedly resembled a description of two suspects being sought for 19 armed robberies and because one of the men seemed to be "nervous. The Albany police had recovered the car a week after it was reported stolen. He was unarmed. The Carters eventually reached a settlement with the Maryland State Police. Illinois State Police This class action lawsuit was originally filed in federal court in after the ACLU of Illinois received hundreds of complaints from black and Hispanic motorists who believed that the Illinois State Police were singling them out for highway drug searches.

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At the same time, white drivers receive far less police attention, many of the drug dealers and possessors among them go unapprehended, and the perception that whites commit fewer drug offenses than minorities is perpetuated. During the course of the search, their daughter's wedding dress was tossed onto one of the police cars and, as trucks passed on I, it was blown to the ground.

Rodwell had to pay the tow truck driver to get his car back. The men contend that they were not speeding, but were stopped because of their race.

The emergence of crack in the spring of and a flood of lurid and often exaggerated press s of inner-city crack use ushered in a period of intense public concern about illegal drugs, and helped reinforce the impression that drug use was primarily a minority problem. Portland Police Chief Charles Moose said the resolution was intended to reassure citizens that race-based policing would not be allowed.

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According to a complaint filed with the ACLU, the trooper who stopped Smith appeared to be "shocked and surprised" when Sgt. They looked like they'd have pulled their guns if I'd so much as sneezed. Was he traveling under an alias?

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And in the courtroom, it causes jurors of all races and ethnicities to doubt the testimony of police officers when they serve as witnesses, making criminal cases more difficult to win. Source: The Albany Times Union In North Carolina, which recently became the first state in the nation to adopt legislation to help quantify the DWB problem, an analysis by the Raleigh News and Observer found that a highway drug unit ticketed black men at nearly twice the rate of other police units. First Class Rossano V.

Then he deflated the spare and bounced it on the road.

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But recent Supreme Court decisions allow the police to use traffic stops as a pretext in order to "fish" for evidence. I figured, let's do it and get the hell out of here.

The story of Robert Gardner was typical. Of course, media fascination with a social problem does not necessarily make it "real," any more than lack of media coverage makes it nonexistent. It was nerve-racking. Minorities were disproportionately represented in these figures.