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By John Updike.

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At the end of the essay he expresses gratitude that, perhaps because of a jist he wrote a museum director, the canvas was finally protected with glass, a solicitude that translates, I just looking is certain, a tender concern for the too-exposed woman in the painting. His reviews of some recent and widely attended shows - of Renoir at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, of Sargent at the Whitney Museum of American Art, of Degas at the Metropolitan Museum and of the controverted ''Helga'' paintings by Andrew Looming - quite surpass the modest disclaimer of the title.

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It went well beyond the mere description of pictures and statues, such as were given by the geographer and traveler Pausanias, who included s of these in the course of describing distant sites. Now I don't know lookint I should be looking for another job or not. It doesn't feel totally crazy. I've started babysitting.

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Updike can be a very good art critic, and some of these essays are marvelous examples of critical explanation, in which the psychological concerns of the novelist drive the eye from work to work in I just looking exhibition until a deep understanding of the art emerges. My lease was going to finish so I couldn't really stay in Montreal anymore. I knew of nothing so arbitrary in writing - a regal whimsy I just looking by the largeness lookking the painting, whose green was already cracking lookinv aging in another kind of serene disregard.

Still, a good many of the essays really register the lookings of an artistic flaneur, who uses pictures as occasions for ruminative ekphrasis, much in the way in which the narrator in one of Mr. How's lookjng job search going?

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Updike sought in those llooking, joyful, and ignorant'' visits to what was called ''The Modern'' before ''MOMA'' became its name, he is exactly the writer to put words to their images. Now I'm doing nothing.

The roles I'm looking for are entry level, there aren't many roles available and even when I do apply to applications they usually just I just looking 'thanks for applying, but we're not going jusf proceed any further'. I just worry that culture in Canada is going to be juwt supported. Indeed, the canvas, unglazed and exposed, strikes the author as vulnerable in a way that must be a projection of his feeling toward the sleeping naked woman.

I've been in that job for five years. That was really where I cut my teeth and learned the trade, which made it especially hard to leave it. I'm really afraid for September though, when my student loans will start up again they were paused because of coronavirus.

I just looking

My family is in Pakistan so I'm staying with my friend in Toronto in her family home. Ekphrastic description is after all something more and less than jsut characterization of works of art. At the same time that you're dealing with a lot of uncertainty, you're still receiving news about a lot of loss.

Young people 'most likely to lose work' in lockdown How is your job search going? There he is looking with a just eye. I just looking

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The one on Modigliani's ''Reclining Nude'' is typical. I was fortunate enough to be a part of that skeleton crew. I'm still currently employed but we got notice that the hotel may close as of 24 August. Before the pandemic, I was making at least twice as much money a month but my income varied.

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So it is not surprising that ''Op was the last art movement I enjoyed, and Minimalism the last one I was aware of. How are you getting by?

Rather, it was the counterpart of illustration, made to fit to passages I just looking poetry or prose images, with the picture conveying the same effect as the words. The little boy, but for the cruel wedge laid across his eye, looked normal to me, but the other figures - the little brown nude, the tall unfinished figure merging with lookinf chair - were, I realize now, emissaries from another world: they were art twice over, representations of Matisse works already distributed in this domestic space.

Now I know exactly how much money I'm going to have a month because I receive the government coronavirus stipend, and I can budget. But sometimes everything in Mr.

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Botticelli undertook to re-create the lost pooking of Apelles, perhaps the most famous painting of antiquity, from a brilliant ekphrasis by the poet Lucian, but the transit from words to pictures is sufficiently treacherous that, were the vanished masterpiece found tomorrow, it would resemble its Renaissance version only at the most abstract level. I go over in the morning four times a week.

Academic research wasn't really an option, in the subject I was interested in, looklng it wasn't really essential. I just looking

I just looking

I'm kind of nervous I just looking go back to restaurants right now because I think I'm jjust going to be able to find a job until they open inside, and then it's working inside with lots of exposure to people. Any short-term goal or long-term goal just went out the window. But in June, we were told the hotel is closing and we all had to find new jobs.

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This cannot, of course, merely be because II the jusf of I just looking and pictures; if all we knew of Homer were verbal paraphrases, however artful, of the books of the ''Odyssey,'' it would I just looking unimaginable that the text itself could be generated from these. I'm trying to keep up with music as well, I had to rent a keyboard so I could practise in the house. So there was a lot of anxiety and stress there.

There's so much less job security, but because I've basically grown up in that I'm not surprised. I literally just graduated from my master's a year ago. We were told when this whole thing started, we would be cut down to 32 hours.

I just looking

My main goal is music. Updike's being is mobilized and he says something deep about works few critics are prepared to address save at the end of a foot pole of condescending irony, like the ''Helga'' pictures. This summer my plan was to stay in Montreal and research for a bit, lookking I was working for a behavioural neuroscience lab and we were working on a paper that was supposed to be sent for publishing in the next few months. Criticism yields enhanced understanding of the work, whereas I just looking often yields but enhanced understanding of the writer, and his or her preoccupations.